CMC New Vehicle Parking and Late fees


Public Notice РThe Public is hereby informed that the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) has updated  existing parking by-laws with introduction of new enforcement law in parallel with the initiation of Smart management and fee collection system in Galle & Duplication road and by-roads connecting to these roads.

The new amended parking by-laws were published in the Gazette No: 2029/29 of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 26th of July 2017. Hence, the public are required to pay due parking charges for the entire period of parking.

As per new enforcement law, parking without making the due payments or parking in excess of the time permitted is considered as unauthorized parking and which shall be subject to following late fee;

the owner of the vehicle is liable for settling cumulative late fee upon receiving notice to the registered address of the vehicle owner. In failing that, legal action will be taken