The 32 Signs of Buddha


The Lord Buddha is a great man with 32 main characteristics:

(1) He has feet with a flat sole.
(2) He has discus patterned soles.
(3) He has protruding heels.
(4) He has long and slender fingers and toes.
(5) His hands and feet aresoft-skinned.
(6) He has netlike lines on his palms and soles.
(7) He is nimble on his conch-like feet and high raised ankles.
(8) He has taut calf muscles like an antelope.
(9) He can touch his knees without bending.
(10) His sexual organs are concealed.
(11) He has a bright and golden complexion.
(12) His skin is so fine that no dust can attach to it.
(13) His body hairs are separate with one hair per pore.
(14) His body hair is black and curls clock wise.
(15) He has a godlike upright stance.
(16) He has the seven convexities of the flesh -the seven convex surfaces on both hands, both feet, both shoulders and his trunk.
(17) He has a chest like a lion’s.
(18) There is no hollow between his shoulders.
(19) The distance from hand-to-hand and head-toe is equal.
(20) He has a beautiful, round, and smooth neck.
(21) He has sensitive taste-buds.
(22) His jaw is like a lion’s.
(23) He has 40 teeth.
(24) His teeth are evenly spaced.
(25) His teeth are without gaps.
(26) He has crystal-like canine teeth.
(27) He has a soft long tongue.
(28) He has a voice like the great Braham with a tone like a heavenly bird.
(29) He has extremely black eyes.
(30) His eyes are bright like a new born cow’s.
(31) He has clockwise hair between his eyes-brows.
(32) His head is completely beautiful like a royal turban.

Physical characteristics of the Buddha in Sinhala

“Dethis Maha Purusha Lakshana”
From Budu Guna Alankaraya Poetry
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