WhatsApp lets users share their real-time locations

WhatsApp has announced that you will now be able to share your live location, updated in real time, with friends and family in your contacts list. The feature is now rolling out for Android phones as well as the Apple iPhone, and in case you don’t see it already, you should get the update soon.

This new feature is not to be confused with the location sharing feature which already existed in WhatsApp, where you could simply drop a pin on the map and share that exact point of location with contacts. Now, Continue reading “WhatsApp lets users share their real-time locations”

DoubleLocker ransomware warning for Android mobile users

A new breed of Android ransomware has been discovered that hits victims with a double whammy. DoubleLocker not only encrypts data as all ransomware does, it also changes the PIN on the target device.

DoubleLocker was discovered by security researchers at ESET. They say that the ransomware abuses Android accessibility settings, and is the first to use a double-lock approach. Based on previously released banking malware, it is though that a test version of DoubleLocker could have been in the wild since as early as May.

Despite the banking roots, Continue reading “DoubleLocker ransomware warning for Android mobile users”